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How To Build Your Network Business Part 5
How do I up-sell the CEO Mega Pack?

Thats the question we have been getting a lot lately. So here is how we do it! When you have contact with a customer who
wants a product, or shows an interest in Youngevity, or any other aspect of this business. We follow the Nine basic rules to
selling first.....

Read all of these before you go to the CEO Pack sale, which is at the end of this article, or you will just run your prospects
off and lose the sale. If you have not already done so, read, study, and absorb the first four parts of this article, "Building Your
Business, parts 1, 2, 3, and 4."  Print it out, make notes, write down questions and high light the important parts. Or this will
just be a waste of yours and the prospects time. Once you have mastered those items you will be ready to "up-sell" to the CEO
Mega Pack. It is important that you read each paragraph as each key item is listed separately. If you read our article on
Opportunity you will be better able to recognize when to interject the "up-sell" without it sounding like your trying to, well,
"up-sell something". It is important that the prospect feels like it is his or her idea to make the decision to make this
a business.

1) Talk with your customer. Sounds pretty basic, right? But so many salespeople simply nod and smile, or hover, rather than
chatting the customer up. Talking to the customer will allow you to learn what things the customer is interested in. This will
help you turn a little sale into a bigger one. Once you hear what they are interested in, or intend to do, you can then be in a
position to help.

{Chris' Clues} Listen for key words like, Business! As in, "I could do this as a business, or I am interested in doing this
as a business. Or, Could this be a business? Or, do you do this as a business? Or what is the best way to do this as a
Whenever I hear the word "business" when talking with a prospect, the CEO Mega Pack is in the bag.

2) Know your products. The more you know about your products, the more you will know about how different products can
add value to the items your customer is buying. Let the customer know how these things can make the business opportunity
they are looking for, better. Know what is in the CEO Mega Pack so you can rattle it off when someone wants a product that
is included in it. Like
"Well if you are looking at getting two Healthy Start packs you should really consider the CEO
Mega Pack! It comes with that and much more.  It really is the best value." Or if you want the Body Trim and Triple
Treat Chocolate, then I have the pack for you."

{Chris' Clues} Listen for the key word "Value" as in " What is the best way to get the most products, or what is the
best value? What is the best way to get the most for my money?
" CEO Mega pack!

3) Notice what the customer asks about, picks up, or looks at, and use it as a springboard to suggest the CEO Mega Pack.
"If you want Rebound FX, and Beyond Tangy Tangerine, we have both of those in the CEO Mega Pack." Being
attentive means paying attention to what the customer seems interested in. Knowing the merchandise is very helpful here. If
you know what is in the CEO Mega Pack and the benefits, You can interject, and suggest it at any time.  

The CEO Mega Pack Includes the CEO Training Guide, a Welcome Kit, (2) Healthy Start Nutrition Paks, (1) Beyond Tangy
Tangerine - 30 CT, (1) Rebound FX Citrus Punch 30 CT, (1) Body Trim 30 CT, (1) Projoba Pollen Burst 30 CT, (1) Invision
CM Cream 2 OZ and (1) SaXi Stick Pack - 30 ct. And the CEO coding bonus.

{Chris' Clues} Anything on the above list is a key word, if someone mentions anything on this list tell them about the
CEO Mega Pack.

4) Don't decide what a customer can afford. Let the customer decide. Many salespersons hesitate to show one more item to a
customer already ordering a boatload of merchandise, fearing that the cost will freak the customer out. Guess what? Not your
problem! The customer is an adult (hopefully, or at least has some adult supervision), and knows the state of his or her
finances far better than you do. Don't choose how much this customer is able to afford. If he or she can't afford an item, he or
she will let you know.

{Chris' Clues} This is where I explain that they can not afford to NOT get the CEO Mega Pack!
If this sounds strange to you, go back and read my article on adding value in Building your business part 4.

5) Accessorize. This is the surest "up-sell." Never let a customer buy a product without telling them about a similar one. Try
to remember the things you would want if you were the customer making this purchase - if you bought a canister of Beyond
Tangy Tangerine, why wouldn't you want to buy the BTT on the go 30 count packs too?  Stuff like this is very important. Put
yourself in the customer's shoes and think - if you were buying this, what would you buy with it? You're a consumer, too, and
your opinion is valid and worth as much as anyone else's.

6) Be specific. Customers won't agree to buy some unknown thing. If they don't understand the coding bonus then they will
not understand the value of it. One of the most exciting parts of Youngevity’s compensation plan, are the Leadership
and Fast Start Bonuses

The coding bonus works as follows.

As a Regional Marketing Director, you will earn a $15 Coding Bonus for all new CEO qualified Independent Marketing
Directors (IMD’s) that enter your Regional group. These bonuses are paid to an unlimited number of levels.

As an Executive Marketing Director, you will earn a $35 Coding Bonus for all
new personally enrolled CEO qualified
IMD’s and up to $35 for every rep in your Executive group, paid to an unlimited number of levels.

As a Senior Executive Marketing Director, you will earn a $100 Coding Bonus for all
new personally enrolled CEO
qualified IMD’s and up to $100 for every rep in your Senior Executive group paid to an unlimited number of levels.

As a Vice Presidential, you will earn a $140 Coding Bonus for all
new personally enrolled CEO qualified IMD’s and up to
$140 for every rep in your Vice Presidential group, paid to an unlimited number of levels.

As a Presidential, you will earn a $170 Coding Bonus for all
new personally enrolled CEO qualified IMD’s and up to $170
for every rep in your Presidential group paid to an unlimited number of levels.

As a Vice Chairman, you will earn a $180 Coding Bonus for all
new personally enrolled CEO qualified IMD’s and up to
$180 for every rep in your Vice Chairman group paid to an unlimited number of levels.

And as Senior Vice Chairman, you will earn a $190 Coding Bonus for all
new personally enrolled CEO qualified IMD’s
and up to $190 for every rep in your Senior Vice Chairman group paid to an unlimited number of levels.

What if 10, 100, or 1000 new members enter your organization in month? That’s big money!
Coding bonuses are paid weekly.

{Chris' clues} You should be living on your bonus' and saving your residual income for your grand kids.

Fast Start Bonus

You will receive a $100 Fast Start Bonus for each IMD you personally enroll that has a CEO Package.

This Fast Start Bonus is paid weekly. It does not matter if your new IMD gets started with the CEO Package or upgrades to
the CEO Package at a later date, you will receive the $100 bonus.

You do not have to be CEO qualified yourself to receive these Fast Start Bonuses.

30% Quick Start Bonus

You can receive a Quick Start Bonus on up to 30% of the total BV on your New Enrollee’s orders, up to 750BV, for their
first 30 days in the business! To qualify for this weekly Quick Start Bonus, you must be a qualified IMD or above and you
must have a 100 PQV Auto-Ship on file. Upline commissions paid on all Quick Start Volume will be ½ normal commissions
earned during qualification period.


7) Put the items into the customer's hand. Don't just point at stuff. Pick the items up and hand them to the customer. Once in
his or her hand, it's a lot harder psychologically for the customer to walk out without anything. If your on the phone you must
do the same thing only figuratively by making the product seem real to them. How it will change their lives by using your own
testimonial on how it changed yours and you family's. Once the prospect sees the advantages they will not want to walk
away without it.

{Chris' clues} By listening to your customers health concerns in paragraph 1, you will be able to match the product to
the prospects concerns or needs

8) Close the deal.
Empathy is an intimate understanding of the feelings, thoughts, and motives of another. That's why
empathy is of prime importance in selling. Empathy is putting yourself into the prospect's shoes. It's knowing and feeling what
your prospect is feeling. It's knowing exactly how to proceed depending on the information the prospect has given you. Until
you develop empathy for your customers, until you develop the skill of calling for and getting a favorable agreement that sales
people call consummation, you probably won't make it in selling. The customer should sense that you understand and care
about helping them solve their problems, not that you are just looking for a sale.

As a salesperson, you must truly believe that you can satisfy the prospect's needs. You must see the benefits, features, and
limitations of your product or service from your prospect's view; you must weigh things on the prospect's scale of values, not
your own; you must realize what is important to the prospect. Your prospect must always be the star of the show.

Don't short-change the process. When you short-change the overall selling cycle, it's hard to go back and restore the steps
you skipped. Invariably, short-cutting steps causes you to lose many sales. Although it is important to become better at
knowing when to ask for the sale, each prospect should get your full presentation to make sure they don't come up short at
the end.

When you ask a question from which you expect an answer confirming that the prospect wants to go ahead with the purchase,
you want one of two things to happen: The prospect gives you a yes or an answer that indirectly confirms their desire to go
ahead with the sale. Or the prospect gives you an objection or asks for more information to enable them to make a decision.
You must see "No" as a reason to tell them more.

{Chris' Clues}Most sales are lost because the salesperson fails to ask for the sale.

9) Assure your customer that he or she has made good choices. This is the single most important part of this selling method.
It is very important that you reinforce your customer's purchase at the end of the sale. Say something like, "I know you're
going to enjoy this - I'll be very interested to know what you thought about after you have been using it." At the very least,
you'll avoid returned merchandise from someone who had second thoughts after buying. At best, you'll form a bond with your
customer and possibly win a patron. This step requires sincere interest in your customer and cannot be faked. You must feel
genuine excitement and enthusiasm for what your customer has just bought from you.

10) Selling the CEO Mega Pack. This is an actual conversation between me and a guy that called us on the phone.

Me: Hello
Jim: Hi I got your number from your business card,  I have been looking at the Youngevity products and I am interested in the
Beyond Tangy Tangerine! I would like to order one canister.
Me: Sure I can help you with that, do you have any health concerns that you would like to address, we may have a product
that will help you?
Jim: We my dad has Alzheimer's and my mom has Arthritis!
Me: Well we have two healthy start packs one Brain and one Bone and Joint pack.
Jim: What does that come with?
Me: It has the Beyond Tangy Tangerine as well as (I listed everything in each pack).
Jim: Thats great I want one each of those for them and the BTT for me.
Me: Well if you're buying all of that you should get the CEO Mega Pack, it has two healthy start packs as well as (1) Box of
Beyond Tangy Tangerine - 30 pack count, (1) Box of Rebound FX Citrus Punch30 pack count, (1) Box of Body Trim 30 pack
count, (1) Box of the Projoba Pollen Burst 30 pack count, (1) Invision CM Cream 2 OZ and (1) Box of the SaXi Stick Pack -
30 pack count and the CEO Training Guide, as well as the Welcome Kit! All you will need is the GlucoGel for your mom and
the Selenium with extra EFAs for your dad and you will have the whole product line.
Jim: How much will that be?
Me: That will be $499.99 for the CEO Mega Pack and $67.00 for the GlucoGel, Selenium, and Ultimate EFA Plus.
Jim: Fine, give me 1 CEO Mega Pack and 1 Healthy Start Bone and Joint pack and 1 Healthy Start Brain and Heart pack.
Me: But Jim the CEO Mega Pack comes with 2 healthy start packs in it.
Jim: My wife and I will use the two packs it comes with and my parents will get the other two!
Me: Thats great is there anything else I can get for you today?
Jim: Nope that should do it.
Total purchase, $852.99.

But thats not the end of the story! The next day Jim calls back and places the same order again. He has other people he wants
to get started in the business. Thats another CEO Mega pack and 2 healthy start packs and assorted items totaling over
$1,000.00. What a tragedy it would have been for me and the customer if I had stopped at one canister of Beyond
Tangy Tangerine.

This sales technique is one that Lorra uses when she prospects.

Lorra - I never want to sell a potential business builder short. Once I know that they have a desire to work this as a business,
I let them know right away, about the very best way to get started. I tell them "I don't want you to come back a month from
now, angry with me, for not sharing this with you!" It gets their attention. That is when I go into the value of the Mega CEO
pack, detailing some of our very best products that they can sample / share to their own prospects, and potential business
builders. Once they see the value in our MEGA CEO pack dollar wise, I go into the coding bonuses in detail.

More often than not, I have to repeat the information regarding coding bonuses. It can be confusing. But I don't ever want to
overwhelm my new prospect. I tell them that I am sending them an email with information where they can have a visual of
how the bonuses work, and stress several times, that I will be here to help them build their business. Most people that I have
contact with whom express an interest in being a builder with Youngevity, have already spread their wings in other facets
of multi-level marketing, and have been burnt, in some cases royally.

That is why I assure them, from the beginning, that they will not be making this investment in time and money, and then left
alone without the proper tools to help them grow into a successful distributor with our company. Most important tool,
my "cell phone number". You have to be available. I spend the majority of my time on the phone with existing down-line.
This is a relationship business. When a prospect knows they can count on you to be there, they will do great! It is so
important for people to know that they have that go-to person, YOU, available to them at all times. I later introduce
members of my team to them as go-to contacts, as well. Try it!

You can mention before they do, that you are aware of the commitment they are about to make, and the reservation(s) they
may have. It opens that door for them to express those concerns, and in turn, develops trust. Our products speak for itself, our
company is the absolute best in the industry. We have the Clemson Report, we have Success From Home Magazines, the
proof is in black and white. The tools are boundless. Your energy, and excitement over these things is what makes all the
difference in the world.

There you have it, this is how we sell Healthy Start Packs and CEO Mega Packs.
{Chris' clues} Try small gyms and spas for networking and health food stores or health fairs for prospecting. You can
set up a booth and sign up prospects at any event. We also sponsor a body builder at a NOPI National event and set up a
table with samples and products. We also sell Go-Foods at gun shows, and pet products at dog shows!
You must understand how the
prospect feels.
You must highlight the value of the
item you are selling, otherwise the
customer just sees the cost!
You must know your products in
order to recognize opportunity.
The CEO Mega Pack is the best
value and the best way to start your
own business.
The most valuable part of the CEO
Mega Pack does not even come in
the box!
Let the customer decide what they
can afford.
You must see "NO" as
"Tell me more."
You must show the prospect how to
be successful and what they need to
make it happen.
Giving a sense of urgency gives
value to the product.
Yo, is this where I can buy some
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