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How To Build Your Network Business Part 3
What is networking?

Networking is a skill and a low cost method of marketing that is used to build new business contacts through connecting with
other like minded individuals. Business Networking is generally done through face to face meetings almost anyplace or
anytime but is commonly done at business or community events and even more specific, Business Networking events that
are hosted by business networking groups or organizations. These events can be on a local or national level. The events are
usually planned around an activity, such as a conference speaker. Either before or after the activity, attendees are given the
opportunity to meet and interact with one another to share business thoughts and ideas with the intent to build business
relationships that will be of benefit to each involved. Most networking groups meet once a month or sometimes more
frequently. In our MLM business we meet once a week either in person or via a conference call. If you are not on these calls
get on one. Ours is the "Health Warriors Team Call" 7:30 PM EST - Wednesday Nights  1-605-475-4700  code 689076#

There is also business networking that is done virtually through the use of online Business Networking sites which are also
very low cost and often free. An online Business Networking website may have the additional benefit of being able to
connect their members with contacts that are worldwide as well as local. We use After
reading my first two parts, Building Your Business 1 and 2 you are now ready to find and recognize networking
opportunities. You have polished up your skills as a sales person and have learned how to network. Now all you need is to
find networking events and recognize opportunities. You can now go out and find prospects and network like a professional.  
Because business networking is based on the building of relationships with people, it is an ongoing and long term method of
gathering business contacts. Remember, people buy the salesman not the product.

If you're trying to be successful, it's the difference between being mediocre and hitting it big.

Networking is life skills and social skills combined with sales skills. It's business leisure conducted before and after work --
as opposed to business frantic, which is conducted from 9 to 5.

Networking is a mandatory function of business for sales people and entrepreneurs, especially MLM business builders, but
everyone in every segment of commerce and career, networks. Great scientists, electrical engineers, Youngevity distributors,
and surgeons all have their annual meeting or conventions of some kind where they get together and "talk shop." Giant trade
shows attract buyers and sellers from all over the world.

What are the principles of networking?
To get known by those who count, decision makers.
To get more prospects.
To make more contacts.
To make more sales.
To build relationships.
To make a career advancement.
To build your reputation (and be seen and known as consistent).

What do you need to be a successful networker? A GREAT 30-second commercial that engages and asks questions that
qualify the prospect, and gets you to the next step in the sales cycle if there's an interest. Your willingness to dedicate the
time it takes to do it and be excellent at it. A plan of where and when you intend to prospect and network.

To maximize your networking effectiveness, you must follow one simple rule: Go where yourcustomers and prospects go,
or are likely to be.

Ok, here we go -- the BEST places to network are:

1. Your network marketing weekly or monthly meetings. Invite your contacts to a meeting and tell them to bring, friends,
relatives, coworkers, contacts, or anyone that would be interested in your MLM business or products.

2. The one on one (the coffee shop interview). I give the Tom Chenault Coffee Shop Interview to someone everyday. So far
my record is twelve interviews in one day. I have a three inch button I wear that says "I lost 30 lbs in 30 days, ask me how?"
This is my opener. People start the conversation by asking me how I did it. I then reach into my pocket and hand them a
brochure that has my before and after picture on it. I also give them a business card. Then I start telling them how I did it,
and I do it loud enough so other people that are standing around can hear me too. If they are interested in the products and
make a qualifying  statement like, "I know lots of people that would be interested in doing this" I then tell them "Well if you
get three people to do it, yours is free!" Then I offer to loan them a Dead Doctors Don't Lie CD. I say to them, "if I loan you
this CD will you listen to it and get back to me. I would like to know what you think and get my CD back from you." This is
my homework assignment that I give to them. If they get back to me then I know they are really interested in my program.

If you did not lose 30 lbs in 30 days, then find something that you did do that others would be interested in duplicating!
Duplication is the key and the secret to doing this business. Find a niche and exploit it. Make a button or shirt that advertises
what you did and wear it. I can make you one if you would like?

3. I like to call this, which is my favorite networking event, The Captive Audience. This is when people cannot get away
from you like when you're standing in a line, on a plane, bus, taxi, or any other scenario where people are near you and can't
leave. I have a lot of luck in line at Starbucks, the airport check in, the grocery store, airport trains and the crew bus. I stand
where people can see my button and I wait. Like fishing. When they take the bait I reel them in. My wife and I just took our
dog to the Vet and networked with the Doctor while she was examining our dog. She is now pitching our products to the
clinic and other Vets in the office which will lead to sales of our animal health products and prescription cards.

4. Chamber of Commerce Business after Hours. Tried and true. They always net a few contacts and renew old friendships.
They are also a GREAT place to try out your new 30-second personal commercial. (See building your business part 1 and 2
on making yours) NOTE: Often at a business networking event everyone's trying to sell -- you gotta be able to wear both the
buyer or seller hat, and listen for your opportunity. These events can also be clicky, so avoid always hanging out with the
same people at every event. Greet your friends then move on. I always make it a point to meet as many new people as
possible at chamber events.

5. A high level Chamber of Commerce event. Board of directors or advisors meeting. Annual dinner, installation banquet,
weekly luncheons, guest speaker events, and grand openings are always great. The Chamber of Commerce is your best local
networking resource, IF you take advantage of it. Don't join and then sit back and wait for contacts, they will never come.
You must be active and participate. It's the most cost effective way to make business contacts. You can join your local
chamber for just a couple of hundred bucks a year. Become an ambassador and attend each new business grand opening and
ribbon cutting. Get a table at the chamber business expo and get ready to network.

6. Any Business Journal event. Forty under forty, power breakfasts, seminars. Places where movers and shakers go. The
Business Journal reader and event attendee demographics are staggering. They are ALL people who make things happen.

7. A networking club or business organization where solid business contacts belong and participate. Each city has different
names for these kind of clubs but here are a few examples. The Metrolina Entrepreneurial Council, the Hood Hargett
Breakfast Club, and the Metrolina Business Council, Susquehanna club, or even the Yacht club. The more you attend, the
more you get known, grow, and succeed in your market. You don't have to join every club, just get yourself invited as a
guest or to speak at these events.

8. Someplace where like-minded people belong. The Touchdown Club, your college alumni club, the ACT users club,
Rotary Club, Hobby organizations like the EAA, Riding Clubs, Skiing, Diving, Boating, Driving, Equine or any other club
you may be a member.
Church is one of the best places to network. After church, networking in the fellowship hall is where
some of the biggest organizations have been build. If you can get a preacher on board with your business, he can fire up the
whole congregation. Some of the largest netwoking teams are built from churches parishioners
. Having common ground
always gets a conversation going.

9. Any type of class you take to learn more and make yourself better. Toastmaster's, Dale Carnegie, even learning a foreign
language. Other people who want to improve will also be there, and they are the ones that are always looking for the next
business opportunity. You will improve and make lifetime friendships.

10. A civic organization. Rotary, Kiwanis, Elks, Moose, Lions. Any animal will do. Meetings are a great place to
build relationships with others, and help the community at the same time. SUCCESS HINT: Be a leader not just a member,
and get up and speak at these events. One lady I know always advertises as having an open house and whatever specials
she is offering this month. She has no location or real open house. She is just maximizing her opportunity to speak to the
group and advertise her business. Let people know about specials your company is offering and call it whatever you
have to, to get up and speak.

11. Attend a cultural event. The opera, theater and the symphony attract people with class and money. Take in a show and
meet them.
Take prospects to restaurants where the staff knows you by name. Meeting people where other people know
you carries an air of trust about you. Being popular, well known and respected is priceless when promoting your business.

12. Get involved with a charity or be a community volunteer. Everything from the American Cancer Society to the
symphony society has people who help behind the scenes. Be one of them.

13. Your trade or professional association. This is the best place to learn about your product, your competition AND your
customers at the same time. My wife and I attended the MLM Mastermind event in Houston Texas this year. What a great
way to connect with successful people in this industry.

14. Your best customer(s) trade or professional association. This is the great place to learn more about your customers AND
get introduced to your prospects. SUCCESS HINT: Be a seminar presenter, not just an attendee.

15. Trade shows. Both industry specific and general business shows are excellent places to get known, get sales, and get
ahead. But make sure its a show where customers are attending. It does no good to go to a place where everyone has a
business and is just trying to recruit each other. You want to contact customers and make them business builders. Not convert
other business operators to your MLM line. This seldom works. Take the success hint from above and add the ingredient of
hard work rather than party and you have the formula for trade show success. It may turn out to be a good networking venue,
and most people waste it on having a "whoop-it-up-we're-away-from-home" attitude.

16. Join a private club like a food and networking club, Club Corp with branches all over the US, or a small private club,
City, Golf, Yacht, Sports, Tennis, Athletic, Dining and Country Clubs. There are so many examples of clubs that even the
categories are to numerous to mention here. But you get the Idea.

17. Meal networking. Invite a prospect to dine. Then invite a prospect for him or her. While in the restaurant, see who else
is in the bar. Hop around without being rude. Introduce everyone you meet to whoever you brought. Make it ultra friendly.
Compliment everyone in your introduction. PERSONAL NOTE: I have a morning breakfast at Starbucks. I love the food
and service. I have all my morning meetings there. I ALWAYS meet other people there. My breakfast meeting is always to
do a deal. And often my chance meetings result in business. I have even recruited the employees. SUCCESS HINT: Own a
restaurant or three. Places where you frequent and know the owners and managers. It plays a major role in your meal
networking. People are impressed when the people that own a restaurant stop by your table to say Hi, and know you
by name.

18. Health club. Exercise and network. Get healthy and wealthy at the same time. In Atlanta it's  LA Fitness, Join the "in"
club, and get "in" shape to win. I like to go to my local gym and chat people up on the exercise floor. Have a shirt that
advertises your business, or a towel, hand bag or water bottle. If you need one ask me and I can make one just for you. I like to sit in the sauna with a towel that says "I lost 30 lbs in 30 Days, Ask Me How?"
Then I sit back and wait.

19. Sports events. Both games and tailgates. Everyone eventually goes to the ball game. I like to throw a Super Bowl party.
Invite people over, have hors d' oeuvres, food, cookout, drinks, and network!

20. Parents of your children's friends. If you have a big prospect whose kid plays ball in the same league as your kid, or goes
to the same school sports teams, scouts etc., you will have a big advantage to make a big customer.

21. Happy hour. This can be a great place to make a quick connection. Just don't get too happy.

22. Karaoke. Not only do you have a blast and meet people, you also improve your presentation skills every time you sing a
song, as well as getting used to getting out of your comfort zone.

23. Neighborhood homeowners association/condo association meetings. Get to know your neighbors and who they know.

24. The airplane. I don't mean you need to meet every passenger but get to know your seat mate. You never know who they
know until you ask. I always try to sell ASAP (As Slim As Possible) to the person sitting next to me. It's fun, it's practice,
and it's profitable. Its part of my captive audience method of networking.

25. Being ready to network when you get there. Woody Allen says 90% of success is showing up. And he's almost right.
Ninety percent of success is showing up PREPARED. Having your personal commercial, or cocktail commercial, or one
minute hook ready to spin at a moments notice is evidence of your networking prowess -- or not.

OK, I've given you all the ammo that I have in my bag of tricks. Here's your personal action plan: List the possible areas for
networking that you have available to you-- every one of them. Figure out who goes there now and who MAY be there. Add
that to the list. Figure out what business enticement you have and what you can do to help these people and solve their
problems. Add that to your list too.

Secret: Get respected by those who count -- don't just attend -- get involved and lead.

Big secret: The key advantage is that networking is relaxed: business leisure. The work day is busy: business frantic. You'll
get more done and see more people in the leisure zone.

Biggest secret: Antennas up at all times. I don't care where you are: bathrooms, lines, lobbies of hotels, car washes, elevators,
and restaurants are all game if you're alert. Follow this advice and you'll get the lead or the deal you were never expecting.

It is important to note that these "best places to network" are not just ideas and suggestions. Every item listed above is
something I do personally, and have had MAJOR success with. These are things I do, not just things I teach that I do.

Make contacts, make sales, eliminate cold calling, build your career, build relationships, build your reputation, and make
friends. I have met many life-long best friends networking -- and I also do business with them -- hundreds of thousands of
dollars worth.

How many life long friends do you make cold-calling?

I have never made a single one!

                      To make the most of a networking event,
               spend 75% of your time with people you don't know.
Where to Network
Standing in line is your best friend.
Having common ground is when its
time to sell!
Whats your goal?
Making connections.
If they are really interested, they will
do their homework.
Success is built on your reputation.
Take advantage of a captive