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How To Build Your Network Business Part 1
Thank you for visiting my page and reading my articles on multi level marketing and building your business. I have spent
many years in the MLM industry. My articles come from many years of training with top people in this business and reading
many books on the subject. I have been to countless CEO training schools, conventions, training brake-out sessions, MLM
Master Mind events, and leadership development schools. I have spent many days receiving one-on-one training from people
like Blake Graham, Youngevities trainer of the year that year, Tod Smith, Corey Gold, Barb and Dave Pitcock and Steve
Schulz. Hanging out at Tom Chenault's house, one of the top ten MLM networker's in the world and one of Youngevitie's
trainers of the year. I have studied  many of the top networking and sales techniques published by some of the industries best
leaders. These articles come from many years of my making mistakes and failing over and over again. I ran around trying to
reinvent the wheel and trying to sell, instead of being a messenger. These are the things that I wish I had been told years ago,
things thats would have made me more money, and saved me a lot of time, disappointment and rejection. Hopefully these
articles will help keep you from making the same mistakes I made.

Even if you have read these articles before, keep coming back and rereading them again. You will fine something new each
time you do. I will be adding more information and updating each article periodically. New information will be added in
"Red" text, like this section has. I suggest that you print off each of these articles and underline, highlight, scratch through
each part and make notes between the lines and margin's. Bring these notes to your meetings and ask questions. Stay up to
date with your business with your team calls and conference calls available each week. And now Part 1, "Personal Branding."

I could have called this article one of many names like "Getting Started, Preparing to Network, or Building Yourself Before
Building Your Business," but Personal Branding will do. So what is "Personal Branding?" Here is one definition: Personal
branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers, as brands. While previous self-help management
techniques were about self-improvement, the personal-branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-
packaging. Personal branding also involves creating an asset by defining an individual's body, clothing, physical appearance,
digital and online presence and areas of knowledge in a way leading to a uniquely distinguishable, and ideally memorable,
impression. The term is thought to have been first used and discussed in a 1997 article by Tom Peters.

Personal Branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others
about an individual, group or organization. Personal branding can often involve the application of one's name to various
products. In other words, its what people think of you! Remember you have about 30 seconds to make a first impression, and
first impressions last a lifetime, so make it a good one.

Before you can build your business you first need to build yourself. Like cleaning your home you can't start with dusting
when you haven't vacuumed. You're just going to raise up a bunch of dust that will settle on your clean furniture. So before I
can tell you how to build your business or how to network, we first have to prepare you. If we don't your just going to meet
prospects and run them off, because you are not ready to network correctly. We are going to clean out that closet and vacuum
the floor before we can polish you as a network marketer. The areas that you will need to address about yourself, are aimed
at your being successful.

1) Believe in yourself and that you can succeed.
2) Create the environment for success and be coach-a-ble.
3) Have the right associations to help you be successful.
4) Expose yourself to what is new in your industry.
5) Prepare for everything that you can be prepared for i.e. Train everyday.
6) Become valuable to your customers and to your industry.
7) Have the answers your prospects and customers need.
8) Recognize opportunities to network and connect.
9) Take advantage of opportunities when they arise.
10) Take responsibility for your successes and your failures.
11) Take action, if you don't your competition will.
12) Be willing to make mistakes, they are the number one training tool.
13) Be willing to take risk, no risk no reward.
14) Stay focused, get rid of distractions, have an emotional garage sale.
15) Stay Balanced, if you are not - see item number 14.
16) Invest in yourself and your business, don't spend.
17) Stick to it until you achieve success.
18) Develop and maintain a positive attitude.
19) Ignore nay sayers and your own negative thoughts.

I will go into more detail with each of these areas later but I wanted you to start thinking about them now as they are the
foundation to building your network marketing business.

One of the most important subjects is training. You must train everyday. Read something about this business everyday. A list
of books that are recommended by myself and others in this industry are listed at
Associate Training Tools. You should
review product information, the compensation plan, contact your business builders, and find out what is new in your
business. You must train to get into the right mindset so you can execute the plan correctly in order to stay in the lane. List
your goals and tape them to the refrigerator. On it put in writing, i.e. "What have I done to make it to (List your goal) today."

A study conducted on the 1979 Harvard MBA program where graduate students were asked “have you set clear, written
goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?” The result, only 3% had written goals and plans, 13% had goals
but they weren't in writing and 84% had no goals at all. Ten years later, the same group was interviewed again and the
result was absolutely mind-blowing. The 13% of the class who had goals, but did not write them down was earning twice
the amount of the 84% who had no goals. The 3% who had written goals were earning, on average, ten times as much as
the other 97% of the class combined!   

Next is for you to do the number one thing that is not only the hardest thing to do, its the hardest thing to keep from going
back to. Ready?
" Resign your position as general manager of the universe." You can't help your customers, your down
line, your wife, husband, kids, or anyone else and run your business if you're trying to manage everybody else's universe.
Stop trying to solve the worlds problems and solve your own first. Only after managing yourself, are you able help others.

The next step is your opening line, what is YOUR commercial that promotes you as a person that can be trusted? A person
that the customer will buy from. Remember customers buy the salesperson not the product. So what is your opening line? I
suggest that you keep it as short as possible, under 30 seconds. And don't do what is called,
"Throwing up on people."
Thats when you tell someone everything there is to know about you and your business all at once, like feeding them with a
fire hose. Your commercial should engage, pose questions that qualify the prospect and take both of you to the next
step in the sales cycle. Selling is a relationship and this is the introduction, and the first impression is the most important. Do
you come across as someone that is willing to dedicate the time and energy to do what it takes to meet and exceed the
prospects needs? And do you have a plan? One that works and can be duplicated? Remember the plan to find three people
and help them find three people that are willing to build a business? Stick to it.

You must believe! Remember the scene in Star wars where Luke Skywalker tries to lift the space ship out of the mud using
the power of his mind only to have the ship sink further into the mud. Then Master Yoda closes his eyes, raises one hand
and begins to lift the ship out and sets it on dry land. Luke then runs around the ship yelling, I don't believe it, I don't
believe it? Remember what Yoda said?
"That is why you failed." You must believe. You can't sign a prospect up on
autoship with a healthy start pack, if you don't have a healthy start pack on autoship yourself. Remember that everything in
life is a sale. From asking for a date to applying for a loan. You are always trying to convince someone to believe in or
trust you.

There are six things that customers will sense from you when you approach them. The first is your sense of confidence. How
well prepared are you and are you a winner? Being confident is contagious and you can give it to your prospect. Be confident
in yourself and your product and your prospect will be too. You must believe in yourself! The second sense is called positive
anticipation. If you anticipate winning then you have already fought half the battle. Anticipate winning, You must believe
you are a winner! The third sense is a sense of determination, will you hang in there no matter what? Determination is being
told "no" and you hearing it as "tell me more." The forth sense is a sense of achievement, everyone that strives for their goals
gets a sense of accomplishment from achieving them. Be an achiever for your business.

Once many years ago a roommate of mine from flight school tried to get me and another guy to sign up in a multilevel
marketing business. This guy John, had the opposite of the Midas touch, everything he touched turned to poop. We turned
him down over and over again. One day a guy that was high up in the same business, invited us over to his place. We went
and saw his nice cars and house, we heard all about the lifestyle and opportunities. He told us how easy it was and how
successful we would be at it. So we said, ok, sign us up. When we got back to our apartment and John found out that we had
signed up under another distributer, he asked, why didn't you sign up under me? We said,
"well John, because you are a
John did not have that air of achievement or of winning about
him, and we could sense it.

The fifth sense is the sense of winning. Everyone wants to win or be around those that do. Thats why sports collectibles are
so popular. People want to associate with winning and winners. Its what drives people to want to own or be seen using or
owning the same items that winners own or use. Thats the whole science behind endorsements and advertisements. Use
winners to promote products and services. Be the winner in your business. Use the products and be the success story for
your multilevel marketing business.

The sixth sense is the sense of success, this is the hardest sense to master because you have to exude it before you achieve it.
Have you ever gone to look for a new job? Do you know when getting a job is the easiest? Its when you already have one or
don't need one. The air of success is sensed by the interviewer and comes across as self-assured, assertive, accomplished,
confident, and value of self-worth. You must practice being successful. Its not about money, cars, your home or clothing, its
about your attitude. Focus on things that you are successful at and bring them to the table when you approach a prospect. You
don't have to be successful at a networking business to be successful as a person. You can have the attitude that you have been
successful before and you will be successful at this. And you are willing to bring your prospect with you on the journey. But
you must Believe!

Things to watch out for:
Warning these next items can destroy your business, a sale and your air of senses that others can perceive about you.
The senses that you should avoid are the senses of fear, nervousness, rejection, procrastination, reluctance,
justification/rationale, self-doubt, uncertainty, doom, gloom, unlucky, failure,
or any negative emotions or senses that you
may bring with you to a sale or prospect meeting.
Personal Branding
Let me tell you all about my business!
Believe not, and fail you will!
Let me tell you about my business
in 30 seconds or less!
Where do I start?
How much for this baggage?
I'm a winner.
Its contagious, give it to your